Sunday, December 6, 2009

Addison Anne is almost 5 months old and I have yet to start my blog... I post a lot of photos on facebook, does that count? Anyway, she is absolutely adorable. This month she is drooling, rolling over, giggling, playing with her feet, putting toys in her mouth and getting lots of kisses from her big brother Ethan. She just had her first Thanksgiving at Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Wagner's house. She also just found out she will be having a new cousin (due May 31st to Cory and Katie!!!) Maybe I will post some pictures the next time I blog (probably next year sometime, that seems to be my going rate).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It has been 9 months since my original blog post... several updates from the Stabile Family... most exciting - Baby Girl Stabile is due on July 8th. We think her name will be Addison Anne, however, Ethan has named her Cutie. He gives Cutie kisses, talks to her and wants to share a room with her. Ethan loves that Addison is swimming and is excited that the baby is due on his birthday. Ethan is going to be a great big brother.