Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anaheim Vacation

Addison has recently moved into her own room for sleeping!!! It is working great except for the fact that she shares a room with our computer. When Addie is sleeping is when I have time to blog, pay bills on computer, etc... and I can't because they are in the same room! Looks like I need to do some rearranging and quick!
Here are a few photo favorites from my trip to Anaheim last week for a conference and some fun! Addie, Auntie Devyn and I had a wonderful time. We also got to spend time with extended family (Auntie Barbara, Uncle Bob, Uncle John, and Patty and Steve Pickett)...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let's Go Giants, Let's Go!!!

We took Addison to her first Giants game... It was part of our "birthday celebration, spending time with Z-Wag before he goes on his mission" weekend... The Giants beat the Cardinals 2-0, Addison got an official certificate for attending her first Giants game and Ethan had a great time trying to get everyone to buy him souvenirs (he did end up with a baseball from Uncle Cory!)... Here are some photos to document the evening (Cousin Mark & Mallory and Grandpa Wagner were with us at the game but they were sitting on the ends and I didn't snap any photos!)...

Really was hoping to get a good family photo but it was not happening... can you see the tired circles under Addie's eyes and the nice light coming out of Ron's head.

Both kids fell asleep on the car ride home (rarity for Ethan)... this is Addison when she woke up sometime during the middle of the night.